We Value Your Feedback

Hi DailyPeople,

At Dailybox Group, we believe that feedback or review improves our performance and business, no matter how small it is. Therefore, one of our top priorities is to train our employees to listen, handle and relay all feedback they receive daily.

So, as an F&B brand, how do we obtain feedback? Dailybox Group receives feedback in person, via email, social media or the marketplace. At first glance, this may seem pretty standard, but at Dailybox Group, we want to make sure we touch base with all feedback and have a solid strategic plan for dealing with it. All feedback we receive will be collected by our team, discussed in every meeting - as a team, we will find the right solutions to improve and monitor them.

In some cases, we also train our employees to prepare an immediate response to customer feedback and keep them happy to trust our brand fully. If the customer's feedback is immediately actionable, our team will take care of it right away. For example, suppose a customer ordered their rice box and did not receive the right side dish. In that case, our team will immediately send an apologetic message to make up for the bad experience and send them another rice box according to their previous order. Another example would be a customer that ordered their rice box with cutlery and did not receive the cutlery. In this case, we would immediately send them the cutlery.

We always collect feedback from our customers, respond and find the solution. We also share it on our social media to show that we are not perfect, still growing and always try to give our best for our customers.

Here are three key tips from us for dealing with feedback:

  1. First and foremost, always listen to what the customer has to say. It is important to acknowledge the customer's criticism and opinion.

  2. We always thank our customers because we appreciate them. Whether it is good or bad feedback, we are always grateful that they share their thoughts about our company.

  3. Always be solution-oriented. We focus on making up for the bad experience by sending the customer food, coupons, or anything else related to our brands.

But that's not all!

As a tech-focused F&B restaurant, we will be developing a new mobile application dedicated to you - our beloved customers. The application will enable you to submit your feedback at ease - at your fingertips easily.

So if you have any feedback about Dailybox, Shirato, Dailymeals or Breadlife, watch this space! We will share with you our latest innovation on obtaining your feedback.

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